Homeopathy Mentoring Club

Master your Materia medica knowledge in the fastest way possible

Do you feel unprepared for practice despite having graduated from a homeopathic school? Are you a practicing homeopath who needs help with obstructed cases? Do you dream of successful practice but you struggling with Materia medica? 
After the first month in the Mentoring Club, you will be able to prescribe the correct homeopathic remedy in a significantly higher percentage of cases than ever before, so you can make your practice much more successful and fulfilling.
What will you get by joining the Mentoring Club today?
  • 120+ hours of my audio&video lectures on homeopathic remedies in specific clinical situations and how to differentiate them in each of these situations
  • 25+ webinars on different topics
  • 40+ video case quizzes and cured case reports with step-by-step analysis and follow-ups
  • regular live webinars with me where you can get help with obstructed cases from your practice
  • regular updates every month with 3 hours of lectures and 1 case-taking challenge

  • full unlimited access 24/7 to everything above

Join today and get instant access to the ever-expanding and carefully structured programme that is specifically designed for homeopathic graduates and practitioners.

1-year unlimited access


Financing: Annually

To view the course, you must be registered.

Here´s what you get as a member:
  • 3 hour Lecture Package every month, consisting lecture on Materia Medica, Differential diagnosis, Repertory and an Interactive Case Video Quiz where you will reveal a remedy step by step.
  • 8 members only webinars per year with QA sessions
  • 1 cured case report every month with step by step analysis and follow-ups
  • Unlimited access to the entire content 24/7

Mentoring Club CurriculumDownload pdf
Mentoring Club Webinars programme Download pdf


What do members say about the Mentoring Club?

"Hi Petr, I would like to express my immense gratitude for your Mentoring Club. You are making it great. One thing is to practice homeopathy and quite another is to teach others. You know how to pick the most important things and to show the associations among them. It is great for me that I do not have to travel anywhere and can get the knowledge from the comfort of my home. The last case report you published is an amazing lecture on work with Radar Opus. I am a bit less adept with computers and sometimes I still struggle with it but your demonstration helped me immensely."

Zdenka Vicova, Slovakia 

"What an experience. I consider myself as a homeopath of not a basic level but at the beginning of advance level. I have read a lot and I am in practice for quite a number of years. When I take a case and prescribe, I can explain as to why I have prescribed a remedy. In my homeopathic journey there are a few eureka moments, a FEW, that made me jump to a new level of understanding. The latest eureka moment was during listening to audios and webinars of Petr, though I don’t get to listen to all of his material on mentoring Club, but what ever I had a chance to listen and see was phenomenal. These are the most clear and best audio and video on PRACTICAL homeopathic practice. Any one who can, should join the mentoring club especially those who have a background in homeopathy will be benefited most in my opinion.After listing and watching the audio and video I was able to have insight into a case which was confusing me for quite some time. Thank you Petr for all that"

Farasat Khan, Pakistan