Classical homeopathy in theory & practice

Understand the most important homeopathic principles, get the clear answers to most important questions given by students and learn how to find a correct remedy in 10 cases from my practice with step by step analysis and follow-ups.

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In this eBook, you will learn:
  • Most important Homeopathic principles
  • Most widespread homeopathic malpractices used by many and how and why to avoid them.
  • Most important Q&A in each chapter related to the subject.
  • 10 cured case reports from my practice with precise step by step analysis and follow-ups.

What do people say about the book? 

"Through this book, Petr Zacharias gives us the chance to witness a miracle of cure in a very practical way. He guides us through his cases step by step and proves at the end that if homeopathy is used properly, it acts as a miracle. But it is not a miracle. It is the result of a long-standing serious study and a wake-up call for all of us who work with patients."

Manfred Braid, Germany