There are so many eBooks about homeopathy out there, so why shoud you read these? My eBooks are written in clear, practical and simple way. They will guide you step by step to real results with your patients.

Each eBook below is ready to download immediately after purchase in Pdf, Mobi and ePub format. 


Classical homeopathy in theory & practice

Get the insight into the most important homeopathic principles and see how powerful classical homeopathy is through 10 serious chronic cases from my practice with step by step analysis and follow-ups. Reveal also the most important questions and answers to each subject written in the book.

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Case quizzes & clinical hints

Read this book and your practice will never be the same. It will show you different case taking strategies and how to arrive at the similimum in very difficult cases. 30+ cases from my practice with brief and clear analysis and follow-ups, 25+ clinical hints that are guaranteed to improve your practice and 8 materia medica quizes.

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