Polychrests in depth & 
smaller remedies 
& Comparative MM
vol.1+2 (package)

Do you study materia medica over and over again, but is it still difficult for you to recognize a remedy in your patients? After this course, you will be able to recognize a remedy in your patients much easier and with confidence. 
During thic on-line course, you will learn what makes each individual remedy most unique and how it differs from all similar remedies. You will get the insight into the most important combinations of symptoms that serve as reliable indications for a given remedy. In addition, you will learn to recognize a remedy in situations where you might not even think of it now. 
And the best part is that in this package, you will get both 1st and 2nd volume at very special price. With lifelong access you can study anywhere and anytime.
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Price: 677€

Lessons: 40
The total course length: 130 hours

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During this class, you will learn:
  • 120 polychrests and smaller remedies with emphasis on understanding 
  • Each remedy is taught through cured cases from my practice
  • Practical and very effective differential diagnosis with all similar remedies
  • To recognize each given remedy in various clinical situations in real patients
  • Unlimited lifelong access to all recordings

The list of remedies (part 1) taught during this course / Download pdf
The list of remedies (part 2) taught during this course / Download pdf


During this course, you will also learn: 

  • Different aspects of remedies in different clinical situations.
  • To recognize a given remedy in real patient with many examples in cured cases with step by step analysis.
  • To differentiate remedies quickly and effectively.
  • To grasp the idea of each given remedy with a help of case quizzes.

What do students say about this course?

"Hello sir, I would like to say some words about your entire classes. I knew you from your quizzes group. Being inspired in that I have joined this course. Of course I missed the first part. You taught me how much we need to think in analysis of a case.During initial classes when you ask a question I may keep on thinking. But never could find an answer. But after some sessions gone I could guess the right remedy or more closer remedies so easily. I can really sense the improvement in my knowledge now. Not only you taught those specified drugs, you taught more beyond them. I really feel much happy to be your student. Hope I will join with you in upcoming years too. Thank you so much sir, Warm regards"

Dr. Vatsala Mohandass, India 

"Dear Petr, I like very much your Materia medica course, it is very clear and effective, synthetic and essential but deep at the same time. It's very practical, of immediate application, reliable and never boring, a squeezed triple concentrate of remedies. I find the connections between symptoms of great help for understanding and memorizing but what I love more is the differential diagnosis between remedies, because it trains my mind to work faster. It's not just a course where I'm memorizing notions but it is helping me to grasp a little bit your way of thinking and that's very useful in practice. Now I can find the remedy much easier than 2 years ago and with more confidence, I use the repertory very much less and the materia medica much more than before and I make less mistakes. Thank you for all the time and the energy you dedicate us. With my best regards."

Alessia Ferretti, Italy 

"Petr, you may remember me contacting you some time back about my son with Tourette's. I wanted to share with you that after listening to your lecture on Aurum from your Materia Medica course I decided to give it to him. You described Aurum in a way I had not heard in the past. It was a few things you mentioned that really struck a cord and helped me to identify the need for it in my son. The transformation in him has been beautiful. His tics are about 90% better, his emotional well being has brought back part of my son that I had not seen in awhile and it has had a positive effect on our whole family dynamic. He still has layers that need to be addressed but for now I relish in his positive change. Thank you for your teachings and I can't recommend your Materia Medica course enough to others!

Elizabeth LaRocca, United States