Are you wondering about real people´s experience with my online courses and Mentoring Club? Here you can check it out.  

"What an experience the Mentoring club is. I consider myself as a homeopath of not a basic level but at the beginning of advance level. I have read a lot and I am in practice for quite a number of years. When I take a case and prescribe, I can explain as to why I have prescribed a remedy. In my homeopathic journey there are a few eureka moments, a FEW, that made me jump to a new level of understanding. The latest eureka moment was during listening to audios and webinars of Petr, though I don’t get to listen to all of his material in the Mentoring Club, but what ever I had a chance to listen and see was phenomenal. These are the most clear and best audio and video on PRACTICAL homeopathic practice. Any one who can, should join the Mentoring club especially those who have a background in homeopathy will be benefited most in my opinion. After listing and watching the audio and video I was able to have insight into a case which was confusing me for quite some time. Thank you Petr for all that.

Farasat Khan, Pakistan

"Your materia medica couses have meant to me going from bits and pieces into a meaninful and structured picture. Basically, in the past I had some knowledge about remedies and theory but it was kind of scattered and unshaped. Your lessons have helped me to put into order all this information. Your course is not only about more information on remedies but to me on how to approach a case and how a successful thinking process should go about. You always say we must understand a case. And it does work, if put into practice. I have improved thanks to this training. Quizzes were my favourite part. So I am very grateful for sharing your expertise and for working with your students live with questions and quizzes. Another nice aspect are the cases you retell about your practice which help remember symptoms of remedies much more brightly than if just listing them out mechanically. As for the mentoring club, I like you keep giving examples of real cases of specific situations and conditions related to a remedy. In all, thank you for these really worthwhile courses!, Best regards!"

Chaya Losada, India

"Hello sir, I would like to say some words about your entire classes. I knew you from your quizzes group. Being inspired in that I have joined this course. Of course I missed the first part. You taught me how much we need to think in analysis of a case.

During initial classes when you ask a question I may keep on thinking. But never could find an answer. But after some sessions gone I could guess the right remedy or more closer remedies so easily. I can really sense the improvement in my knowledge now. Not only you taught those specified drugs.

You taught more beyond them. I really feel much happy to be your student. Hope I will join with you in upcoming years too. Thank you so much sir, Warm regards"

Dr. Vatsala Mohandass, India

"The Materia medica courses are very attractive, the part of differential diagnosis is really a piece of work! It encourages you to study further and to bring more (guiding) light in such a vast domain as Homeopathic materia medica is!

Another great part for study are the quizzes because they bring also comparatively a bunch of remedies and the answer (is also very exciting to see if you gave the right answer!) allows you to make further brief and distinct differentiation between remedies.

In this form you can memorise easier the specifics features of the remedies discussed. Always looking further to learning with you!""

Anca Ticu, Romania

"Dear Petr, I like very much your Materia medica course, it is very clear and effective, synthetic and essential but deep at the same time. It's very practical, of immediate application, reliable and never boring, a squeezed triple concentrate of remedies.

I find the connections between symptoms of great help for understanding and memorizing but what I love more is the differential diagnosis between remedies, because it trains my mind to work faster. It's not just a course where I'm memorizing notions but it is helping me to grasp a little bit your way of thinking and that's very useful in practice.

Now I can find the remedy much easier than 2 years ago and with more confidence, I use the repertory very much less and the materia medica much more than before and I make less mistakes. Thank you for all the time and the energy you dedicate us. With my best regards."

Alessia Ferretti, Italy

"Your materia medica courses are very helpful for me, as they emphasise the most important characteristics of the remedies. You make a clear and very helpful differential diagnosis between similar remedies. And you give exemples with which I can easily understand what is essential, and what is subordinate.

This is the best and most practical course of materia medica I´ve taken."

Bruno Barbut, France

"I love your lectures. They are informative; I get to understand the process of pathology, how it is presented in a clinical case, how and why we need to find the connections to select a remedy , and many more. I always love and enjoy Prof Vithulkas’ class and lectures. After listening to his lectures only, I really got interested in Homeopathy. And decided to learn this great science with a passion. And I am so blessed to learn under you too. I see your passion, your dedication in imparting to us your knowledge, which is the result of your hard work and passion. Once you start your lecture, I can see how much you care to clear students’ doubts, answer our questions; time doesn’t stop you, and you go on with your teaching, even if have to exceed 3 hours. I don’t see you even pausing for water or a drink. I sincerely thank you, Petr. I am sure I am blessed to have joined your course." 

Jane Fernando, Singapore

"Hi Petr, I would like to express my immense gratitude for your Mentoring Club. You are making it great. One thing is to practice homeopathy and quite another is to teach others.

You know how to pick the most important things and to show the associations among them. It is great for me that I do not have to travel anywhere and can get the knowledge from the comfort of my home.

The last case report you published is an amazing lecture on work with Radar Opus. I am a bit less adept with computers and sometimes I still struggle with it but your demonstration helped me immensely." 

Zdenka Vicova, Slovakia