Become a better prescriber in 2 weeks

enhance your case-taking skills & learn advanced strategies
to find a correct remedy

Do you struggle with identifying which symptoms in a case are the most important for the remedy selection? Have you ever felt like a patient's symptoms are not unique or specific enough for the prescription? Do you know what to do if a patient has several symptoms pointing to different remedies?
If you have answered positively to any of those questions above, this course is exactly what you´re looking for. 
Online video course

Price: 39€

Lessons: 18
The total course length: 5 hours

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During this class, you will learn:
  • how to take a case step-by-step to get a complete "symptom picture"
  • the exact process of identifying the uppermost symptoms of the case
  • how to work with symptoms once they have been identified
  • what is the number one mistake which prevents homeopaths from seeing symptoms
  • unlimited lifelong access to all recordings in superb audio & video quality

Testimonials on this course

"Hello Petr, Thank you for today's session, which was very clear. The most useful part for me was the case examples you used throughout the talk to illustrate what you were saying. I find it is much easier to see the distinctions, and to remember the MM, when it is illustrated with practical examples of cases.  I very much appreciate your willingness to answer people's questions. Doing that made a big difference to how good the seminar was." 

Catrin Merlett

"You give Vithoulkas ideas in more clear and easily comprehensible manner. Your classes are really really awesome. Thank you very much sir."

Vatsala Mohandass

"I attended it today and found it exceedingly useful to my training. Petr explains complicated issues in a gently, descriptive easy to understand format. He quickly took us from the basics to advanced concepts. Thank you Petr for teaching us today. What attracted me to your course is that you have trained under the eminent George Vithoulkas who is my teacher too."

Mansoor Shafi

"The way Peter is explaining how to take a case, is absolutely fascinating. In my practice, I found that finding the uppermost remedy is one of the most difficult parts in case taking; and Peter is describing this very clear, so by the end of the course you may have the impression that is so simple; but it's not; there is still so much work to do. This course is "Petr Zachariáš Registered Trademark". I look forward for the second part. And then for the third part, etc. :-)."

Dana Viorica Campean