How to study materia medica

Are you one of those who love homeopathy but when it comes to materia medica it is very difficult for you to remember important symptoms and when you memorize it finally, you just do not recognize the remedy in real patients? 
Do you know those situations where you need to differentiate two or more remedies, but when you need it most, you just can´t remember any important differences between them?
In this course you will learn how to study homeopathic remedies much more effectively than ever before so you will be able to recognize them in real patients and to differentiate between them much faster than ever before.

Price: 30€

Lessons: 10
The total course length: 3 hours 20 minutes

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During this class you will get:
  • Step by step instructions how to study a remedy effectively.
  • 5 most imortant rules you need to stick to when studing materia medica and which are completely ignored by vast majority of homeopaths.
  • Practical video part where you will study one small remedy step by step together with me.
  • Detailed workbook in PDF
  • Unlimited 24/7 lifelong access to the whole content

Look, what you will learn during this course


During this on-line training you will learn:

  • The first most important thing you have to do before you open materia medica.
  • What we are looking for in every remedy. 
  • 3 most important rules you have to follow when reading any materia medica.
  • Where to find reliable information about remedies.
  • How to study polychrests and small remedies step by step.

In addition you will get:

  • Practical video part where you will study one small remedy step by step together with me and where you will use all knowledge gained during theoretical part of the course.
  • Detailed workbook in PDF.
  • Practical tips how to accelerate your study of materia medica immediately.
  • Lifelong access to the whole course.