Petr Zacharias

I am a homeopath with more than 16 years’ experience. Ever since my first contact with homeopathy, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


My Beginnings

  • I bought all of the books that were available on the market at the time and started an intensive self-education. I also managed to convince the lady homeopath, who was treating me at the time, to teach me. 

  • She was giving me bi-weekly lessons and in the meantime, I was studying at home. I got addicted to homeopathy and I was practically unable to think of anything else. It became the central point of my life, my driving force and my inspiration. 

  • A year later, I enrolled in the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. Every month I attended practical training in homeopathy, then led by an experienced homeopath who studied homeopathy in India.
  • The practical training, however, did not last long as students came from all over the Czech Republic and they grew reluctant to commute – so after three lessons, I was the only remaining student. The training was cancelled and I wasn’t able to continue.
  • After the completion of my training at the Homeopathic Academy, I opened my own practice.

Studies with Prof. George Vithoulkas

  • In 2009, I began to study under the supervision of Prof. George Vithoulkas in the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) and in July 2010, I graduated from the basic training first in my class in the practical part, scoring 94%.

Postgraduate studies with Prof. George Vithoulkas

  • I went on studying with Prof. Vithoulkas for seven more years. In 2011-2017, I took six more postgraduate courses led directly by him.
  • The first course, titled Levels of Health, gave a detailed overview and practical application of the concept of levels of health.
  • Two more were related to the practical application of Hahnemann’s Organon and the fourth, fifth and sixth were practical clinical trainings led by Prof. Vithoulkas, focused on difficult cases.

Teaching Homeopathy - the Prague College of Classical Homeopathy

  • As soon as 2006, I began to teach homeopathy. I began with the first Practical Clinical Training in Classical Homeopathy, focused on practical education in the field.
  • In 2007, I opened ‘A One Year Intensive Training in Homeopathy’. It was a structured educational programme for students of homeopathy and homeopathic practitioners who wanted to delve deeper into homeopathy. The course took one year and was completed by a test and an oral exam.
  • In October 2008, I opened another Practical Clinical Training and a new two-year educational programme, a ‘Two-Year Intensive Training in Homeopathy’.
  • In 2009, after long and thorough preparation, I opened a ‘Three-Year Intensive Training in Homeopathy’, comprising a detailed training in the theory of homeopathy, more than 200 hours of clinical practice and basic medical training for students without a medical background. This practical training is ever growing in popularity and remains the most complex course at the Prague College of Classical Homeopathy.
  • In 2016, a branch of the Prague College of Classical Homeopathy was opened in Kosice, Slovakia, where a ‘Three-Year Intensive Training in Homeopathy’ is ongoing.
  • Since 2016, I am giving lectures on advanced materia medica to students worldwide in my course Polychrests in Depth & Comparative Materia Medica.
  • In 2018, I launched a new, long-prepared project – an educational platform PCCH Mentoring Club, the aim of which is to provide the graduates and practicing homeopaths a platform for constant improvement of their knowledge and skills. The principal mission of the club is to become a source of reliable and verified information, allowing its members not just to grow but also to maintain their motivation and zeal needed for their practice.
  • In September 2019, I am opening Mentoring club in english (for international students) as well.


  • In 2015, I began to publish case quizzes in an international internet monthly journal, Homeopathy for Everyone, which became very popular among students and practitioners of homeopathy worldwide.
  • Some of my case reports were recommended for publishing in a Greek journal specialized in homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas. Others were published in homeopathic journals in Germany and Hungary.
  • In the same year, I published my first book titled Classical Homeopathy in Theory and Practice (in Czech).
  • By the end of 2016, my first book titled Classical Homeopathy in Theory and Practice was translated into English and published as an e-book.

  • In 2017, I published my second book in English, an e-book titled Case Quizzes and Clinical Hints.

Volunteering in Kenya

  • In 2016, I participated in a homeopathic mission in Kenya as a volunteer under the patronage of Abha Light Foundation. There, I worked as one of the homeopaths of the mobile clinics and at the same time, I was giving lectures to my local colleagues, passing my knowledge on.